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From Keith Matthew, Self Mastery Secrets


Dear Success Enthusiast,

What I'm about to share with you could literally TRANSFORM your life if you're not careful. Right now, you're undoubtedly on one of two paths: either the s-l-o-w path or the F-A-S-T path to success.

I KNOW what the slow path looks like.  I was a hard worker for many years, moving up the corporate ladder at the blistering pace of a snail - and working more hours than one person should. Sound familiar?

I have nothing against hard work: it's what makes people and countries great. I have EVERYTHING against being on the slow path of achievement. You don't have to accept  'Average Joe' results anymore...

Average Joe is the 'ordinary' person making their way through life from day to day.  (S)he is the person who pays taxes, works too much and keeps too little. He is the fellow with many experiences but little expertise. He's usually kind but he has a mean streak too.

You Were Never Meant to Struggle For Success

Don't settle for ordinary ordinary life, making ordinary wages and having ordinary experiences.

Through this course, we're going to awaken the excellence within you.

Everyone has the ability to have unlimited wealth, happiness, and success. Most people know there's a more powerful way of living life but historically only a select few have known exactly how to APPLY this knowledge.

Times are changing though. And those who don't change with them...get left behind.

payday loan Over the past several months, our Limitless Wealth CD has been snatched up by thousands of people in over 21 different countries. In short, the message of Limitless Wealth and Success has been spreading like wildfire.

The Secret to Experiencing Accelerated Success Now

Over the next 8 weeks, we're going to reveal to you the secrets to accessing your own unlimited wealth. You'll learn how to tap the tremendous power within - Finally!

Did you know that it's no more difficult to succeed in a massive way than it is to struggle your way through life? In fact, it's actually EASIER.

So why do we find that bigger kind of success to be so elusive?

There are hundreds and hundreds of personal development products out there - why are the majority of people still struggling to grab the proverbial brass ring?

Your Life Can Be Reshaped, Refocused and Redefined

The select few have known throughout the ages that it's possible to have an abundance of good fortune, finances, achievement and happiness.

Napoleon Hill knew it...Henry Ford and J.P. Getty knew it.  Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey and  Richard Branson know it.

Sure, the rest of us know it too...but only conceptually.  Not in day-to-day 'reality'

The Masters of Success not only have the information, they have the techniques and the awareness to use them. These are the very same tools that not only millionaires and billionaires have used to create wealth - they are the same ones that others have used as find contentment and harmony in their lives.

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Law of Attraction -Warren Bush

"I really liked the format of the course because I was able
to apply the techniques directly to my own life.
- Warren Bush 

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Real World Experience Versus Conceptual Knowledge

College always cracked me up. I'd sit in class and some professor would teach me how to run a corporation, how to create a strategy or how to formulate statistical analysis based on some imaginary situation. I loved it all but had trouble integrating what I learned. Why? Because it was all theory and concept. It wasn't based on 'the real world'. I had no experience and little understanding of how to apply what I was learning.

I often wondered: if they're so good at what they teach, why aren't they out there living it? Some were..many were not.

What they also failed to teach me that I desperately needed to know was that the 'real world' was actually very pliable and shapeable. That the chair beneath me only APPEARED to be solid.

What I'm going to teach you over the next 8 weeks is that your LIFE is a chair that appears solid but is actually very moldable, shapeable and changeable.

And I'm going to share plenty of examples of exactly why this is so..and what tools YOU can use to shape your destiny the way you want it to look.

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"You have the Universal Laws down! You've presented them in such a down-to-earth-way, I truly appreciate what you've had to say." Sondra, Ashland, OR


"I was quite skeptical when I signed up...but I'm really delighted with the content because it IS unique and different from what many of the others are...I look forward to transformation. Thanks very much." Rosemary Di Agostazyloprim

On these 8 Life-changing CDs, you'll discover:

How to create a vacuum effect in your life guaranteed to pull MONEY and good fortune toward you

Little-known techniques that can harmonize you with what you desire

The secret to absorbing and integrating practically anything that happens in your life and making it work for you  (this one can change your life dramatically)

How to recognize when you're blocking your own success - and how to remove the blockages

  We'll reveal to you the single BIGGEST reason why most people fail and how you can protect your dreams to make sure you succeed

  You'll learn how to eradicate fear and cure the "repeated disappointments" syndrome so you can magnetize yourself to continuous, abundant success

  Turn your hobbies and special interests into money-making machines that stream in cash while you sleep - all while helping others succeed and fulfill their dreams too!

This home study course goes beyond just revealing success secrets.  It goes beyond a video filled with testimonials from people who 'know' how to manifest. We're going to help YOU create a process in your life that will bring you more success than ever before.

The Reality Crusher Home Study Course

Reality Crusher | Keith Matthew

They Tried Desperately to Stop Me From Unleashing this
'Reality Crusher' Home Study Course! Here's Why...

I spoke extensively with some well-known "gurus" about the possibility of bringing this 8-week course to you. The feedback? "Don't do it.  Personal development is one of the toughest things to sell. Those who really need to experience their personal power either don't know it or aren't strong enough to go out and get it. And those who know it's true value already 'have it'. So why bother?"

Why bother?

It's this very position of "people in the know" as shown above that has caused us to take a stand and unleash this home study course for your matter what.  But let me be fair here. There are those who understand the true abundance of the world and value what we are looking to accomplish. Take John Di Lemme for example:  

Michelle Hong
I really like the Reality Crusher System, it helps you overcome all  
the excuses that you give yourself. It helps you achieve a level of  
greatness, and glean insights into passion, dedication, and wisdom.  
What you go on to do is up to you but I am glad that I purchased this  
system, it's a timeless collection of inspiration to me.
-- Michelle Hong, Staten Island, NY

Imagine What this Home Study Course Could Do For YOU

Order Here! or read on...

Discover the SAME Limitless Wealth and Success Techniques that have worked for an exclusive group of achievers for many centuries!

You will learn:

  • What 3 specific steps you must take BEFORE you'll be able to turn your desires into a physical reality

  • The two things your subconscious mind must know to be in harmony with wealth. Your success depends on it!

  • How to discover the energetic vibration of limitless success and attract it to you.

  • How to multiply your wealth 10-fold. That's right - TENFOLD!

  • How to recognize your own limiting beliefs that keep you from making money fast, and from having long-lasting relationships

  • How to discover and destroy your own Poverty Consciousness

What Could You Do With $13,771.54 in Additional Income?

I've been online for a number of years and one thing I can tell you is this: the internet arena is no different than the offline world. What I'm saying is this - in the offline world, you have a select group of people making large sums of money while the majority of people struggle to cover their bills and keep a roof over their heads.

It's the same thing online: Many of my friends are millionaires and are creating massive amounts of money...seemingly at will.

But for every millionaire friend I have, there are 100 people with online businesses and involved in MLM opportunities that are actually LOSING money! Never mind that they aren't making money...they're actually losing it while they chase 'opportunites.'

Well, I've never had that problem. I immediately aligned myself with 'the right people' and I was taught how to generate income for my business whenever I need to.

Here's a sample of what I'm talking about:

limitless wealth and success workshop

This is what I made in product sales during the month of March '07. And that doesn't include anything I've made through doing consultations and coaching.

I actually generated the bulk of that money in only part of March.

It's possible to achieve similar results with zero employees and very little business overhead. In fact, you could do this with a laptop anywhere in the world starting tomorrow!

Could you find good uses for an extra $13,771.54 a month in income?

I bet you could.

I urge you to stop delaying your success and get the Reality Crusher Home Study Course today.

Reality Crusher | Keith Matthew

CD 1: Reshaping Your Concept of Reality

CD 2: Refocusing Your Life Purpose

CD 3: Redefining Yourself For Maximum Achievement

CD 4: The 4 Cornerstones of Your Success

CD 5: Leverage Your Way to Higher Income

CD 6: Wealth Building Secrets of Multi-Millionaires

CD 7: Utilizing Feedback to Become Unstoppable

CD 8: How to Create a 6-Figure Income Online          

In the Reality Crusher Course, I'll teach you:

  • The one thing you must do to release what's holding you back from experiencing greater happiness

  • How to avoid and protect yourself against negative vibrations so that you can manifest what you want quicker

  • A surefire way to know whether or not you're attracting wealth and success at any given moment

  • How to recognize the “telltale signs” of failure and success BEFORE it happens!
    (knowing this will help harmonize you with what you want and bring you greater peace of mind

  • How to push through your Fears and harness your inner power for success

I know my fruition is part of my being and it has been awakened by your CD. There are a great deal of products out there, it is heartwarming to know your products stand apart from them in a class of excellence. Thanks again. -- Dr. Mike, Bronx, NY

    Release The Genius That Dwells Within You

    You either consciously direct your thoughts, beliefs and intentions on purpose and receive what you want or you subconsciously get stuck (or caught) in the current of your thoughts and receive what you get by default. Are you living your life on purpose or by default? This course will teach you methods to live more deliberately and manifest more money, prosperity, and fulfillment!

  • How to build Limitless consciousness

  • How creating foundation will get you to the winner's circle first

  • The secret truth of WHY ALL failures occur

  • Personal examples of manifested miracles and how you can manifest them too

  • Why your prosperity is limited and what you can do about it

  • How to use the law of attraction to manifest and create the wealth you desire

  • The questions you must answer to discover what’s keeping you from your success

  • Learn how to use the power of leverage to expand your success and wealth.

  • HHow to raise your vibrational frequency to be a match to everyday wealth and prosperity.

  • How to strong> apply the Law of Attraction to manifest a successful business or a prosperous opportunity.

  • How an increased state of confidence can magnify your success.

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Mechanics of This 8-Week 'Reality Crusher' Home Study Course

Once you sign up, you will instantly receive a confirmation email.  Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and get ready to start making quantum changes in your life.

For 8 weeks, you'll learn from me and other high-powered, like-minded people and I'll show you exactly how to attract the unlimited wealth and success that is your birthright!


My 'Friends for Life'
Home Study Course' Guarantee!

I invite you to grab this 8-CD set. I'm so sure you're going to love and benefit tremendously from it, that I'm going to give you my 'Friends For Life' Course offer!

If for some reason you don't have a life-changing 'Aha' moment while going through  the “Reality Crusher' Course, then I'm willing to give you 'Lifetime Access' to all the updates until you DO have results!  It's that simple so have it shipped to you today!

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Not here! Transform yourself from the comfort of your own home and save tons of money in the process!

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By taking action today, you'll be making all the difference in your life tomorrow.

Are you ready?

Let's finish 2010 with momentum and charge into 2011!

Helping You Accelerate Your Success,

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  Keith Matthew, President
   Self Mastery Secrets

P.S. You’ll be learning the same proven wealth attraction principles that can bring out your full potential; just as they've done for so many of the self improvement masters—in no time.

Master Your Self...and you'll Master Your Life!

The Bonus CD is terrific! Looking forward to many changes in my life! -- Yorick A., Germany

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